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Used water slide complex

This attraction is composed of (4) water slides with a diameter of 48″. The slides are made of fiberglass tubes with the top half section being approximately
The asking price for this attraction is at $150,000.

  • 1/4″ thick and the bottom half being approximately 3/8″.
  • The attraction is being sold with the support steel structure. This does not include the starting platform and stairs because these parts are unusable.
  • The steel support structure can be set up to support two sets of flumes or one set of four flumes.
  • (2) 50 horsepower pumps and motor starters are being sold with the attraction. These pumps and motors have not been turned on in 8 years.
  • There is no manufacturer’s guarantee on the fiberglass or steel that compose this attraction.
  • The attraction is being sold in the condition that it currently is.
  • The buyer is responsible for removing components for the attraction.

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180 ft skycoaster for sale

180 ft monopole Skycoaster for sale

Price: $299,000 FOB San Antonio, TX

Skycoaster Details:

Skycoaster Details
• Original install at Schlitterbahn – New Braunfels and has
operated continually since 2002. Is inspected annually by
top rated third-party inspectors.
• Meticulously maintained
• Electronic speed control for winch is an upgrade for soft shift
valve technology
• Comes with backup winch power unit and drum
• Includes many spare supplies and parts
• Seller has first hand experience with installation and will
provide hands on installation support at your location

Included with Purchase:

Monopole Launch and Flight Tower with PPG PSX Two-Part Enamel Coating.
• All Flight related cables and hardware need for operations (new gear)
• 20 Flight suits
• Upgraded Hydraulic Winch (New technology electronic controls, 10hp high speed motor)
• 10 foot Hydraulic Lift
• Hydraulic Lander
• Complete Engineering and Design Package
• All Updated Manuals and Schematics
• Installation Supervisor and Operations Support

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180 ft skycoaster for sale USA

180 ft A-Arch Skycoaster for sale

Unit has operated continually at Fair Park Dallas during State Fair of Texas.
Is inspected annually by top rated third party inspectors and operated by highly respected Senior Site Controller.
Included with sale:
● 180 Foot A-Arch with sign bracket
● 180 Foot Launch Tower
● Original Assembly drawings
● Foundation Designs with Calculations
● 208 / 220 Single Phase 10 HP Power Unit with Drum
● Rolling Boarding Cart
● Eight New Flight Suits

This is a really great opportunity for a small park or FEC looking for a large spectacular ride. Complete package to get started!

Price: $175,000 FOB Dallas

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Huss Flipper (Tornado) for sale

Capacity:12 gondolas, 48 people
Notes:TUV approved

The FLIPPER (Tornado) is a large, flashy Huss manufactured ride. The ride is pretty much what you’d get if a Round Up and a Tilt-a-Whirl had a baby. The ride spins at variable speeds so sometimes the cars will be pinned facing inward due to the G force while other times the cars will be freely swaying and spinning when the platform is rotating at slower speeds. TUV approved and meticulously maintained by current owner, ride is located in Germany.

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