Used water slide complex

This attraction is composed of (4) water slides with a diameter of 48″. The slides are made of fiberglass tubes with the top half section being approximately
The asking price for this attraction is at $150,000.

  • 1/4″ thick and the bottom half being approximately 3/8″.
  • The attraction is being sold with the support steel structure. This does not include the starting platform and stairs because these parts are unusable.
  • The steel support structure can be set up to support two sets of flumes or one set of four flumes.
  • (2) 50 horsepower pumps and motor starters are being sold with the attraction. These pumps and motors have not been turned on in 8 years.
  • There is no manufacturer’s guarantee on the fiberglass or steel that compose this attraction.
  • The attraction is being sold in the condition that it currently is.
  • The buyer is responsible for removing components for the attraction.