Wacky Worm

The Wacky Worm (also known as the Brocumela or Big Apple) offers thrills for the whole family. This best selling family coaster will compliment the ride line-up of any family entertainment center or amusement park. Its compact size makes it possible to place in an indoor or outdoor facility. The roller coaster has 1 train with 6 cars in a worm shape, for a total capacity of 24 riders. The Wacky Worm is available in trailer mounted or park model versions.

Technical Features

Dimensions:27.5 x 12.5 x H 5 mt
Track length:138 mt
Running time:55 seconds
Capacity:1 train: 6 carriages, 24 riders
Motive Power:50 kW
Lighting Power:4.5 kW
Weight:12 tons