drop tower with lights at night

Drop Tower

The 24 meter drop tower brings fun thrills to new heights. This towering structure requires a small footprint and delivers thrills for the whole family. Guests load in the round 12 passenger gondola and are slowly lifted the entire height of the tower. Once the gondola reaches the top, the vehicle moves up and down giving the sensation of falling several times. Combine the excitement of multiple drops with an LED light package and you have a very visible attraction. Drop a new 24 Mt Drop Tower in your facility today!

Footprint/In operation:6 x 8,5 x H 24 Mt.
Operational Height:20 Mt.
Operation Mode:Automatic
Direction:Clockwise or counterclockwise
Speed:6 Rpm
Motive Power:32 Kw
Lighting:1 Kw
Weight:Approx 11.500 Kg. / 13 US tons