This classic fairy-tale ride has many galloping horses for a capacity of either 12, 16, or 18 seats. A roof diameter of 5 m, 7 m, or 8.5 m.

Fashioned by artists, all visible surfaces are decorated with painted panels of popular fairy-tale scenes. Hundreds of bright lights illuminate the entire ride creating a showpiece ride guaranteed to delight young and old members of the family.

Technical Details:

Base Diameter:5 mt7 mt8.5 mt
Core Diameter:6mt7.7 mt9.4 mt
Height:5.8 mt5.1 mt5.6 mt
Operation:Auto / ManualAuto / ManualAuto / Manual
Motive Power:5 kW6 kW7 kW
Lighting Power:2.5 kW4.5 kW4.5 kW
Weight:2,200 kg8,000 kg9,000 kg